Pattern of dry matter accumulation in developing fruit parts of early- and late-maturing pigeon peas (Cajanus cajan (L.)Millsp.)


Pigeon pea cultivars AL 15 (early-) and T21 (late-maturing) were compared for dry matter accumulation in fruit parts pod wall (PW), seed coats (SC) and seed at various seed developmental stages. Significant water loss and dry matter accumulation in the fruit parts commenced much earlier in cv. AL 15 as compared with cv. T21. The pod wall accumulated starch, reducing sugars and N-substances up to 21 and 28 days after anthesis (DAA) in cultivars AL 15 and T21, respectively, which was later distributed to the seed. Growth of pod wall and seed was sequential, not concurrent, as the pod wall lost significant dry matter when the seeds within them reached their maximum dry matter. The fruit parts of cv. AL 15 accumulated more photosynthates than cv. T21 at all comparable stages.


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