[Craniofacial growth changes following premature closure of the bilateral coronal sutures in rabbits].

  • L. Zhang, B. Fang, Junyue Sun
  • Published 1997 in Zhonghua zheng xing shao shang wai ke za zhi = Zhonghua zheng xing shao shang waikf [i.e. waike] zazhi = Chinese journal of plastic surgery and burns


The study was designed to examine the amount and the direction of craniofacial growth changes following bilateral coronal sutures (BCS) closure in young rabbits. At 2 weeks of age, the BCS were fused by the application of enamel adhesive. These animals and a control group also received amalgam implants on the frontonasal, coronal, and lambdoid sutures to monitor suture growth. At 4 or 8 weeks after suture fusion, separate groups of animals underwent release of fused sutures. Immobilization of BCS resulted in growth cessation of the coronal suture. The normal sutures underwent very rapid growth from 2 to 8 weeks of age. BCS release at 8 weeks after fusion resulted in growth restriction. Significant compensatory growth was also noted in the frontal and the lambdoid sutures from 2 to 8 weeks. Nasal bone length was increased significantly. Vault length and craniofacial length were reduced. The results of the present study give experimental documentation to emphasize that surgical correction of craniosynostosis should be performed at a young age to achieve better functional and cosmetic results.


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